Europe is an amazing place with a lot of history, architecture and cuisine to enjoy.  Come along with us on some incredible journeys.

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  • Italy

    Spend some time in Tuscany.  Perugia, Cinque Terre,

  • Ireland

    Explore Ireland with us.  Dublin, down the edge and around the south end to Cork and then the Dingle Peninsula, ending up in County Mayo at one of the most amazing castles you have ever seen.  Historic churches, Celtic crosses and cemeteries abound.  Rich in history and architecture - and amazing cuisine.

  • Spain

    Spain (or Espana) is a remarkable country.  Barcelona to Madrid via Valencia, Granada, Arcos de la Frontera and Seville.  See Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's most amazing creation, still not complete after more than a century.

  • Germany

    Travel down the Danube with us from Nuremberg to Regensburg to Passau

  • Austria

    Travel with us down the Danube Through Austria to Melk and Vienna.

  • Budapest

    Travel with us down the Danube to Budapest, the crown jewel of Hungary.