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  • San Gimignano Skyline
    San Gimignano Skyline

    San Gimignano Skyline.  More towers that any other city in Italy

  • Siena Passageway 5
    Siena Passageway 5

    Siena Passageway 5.  Looking up through an array of architectural elements.

  • Volterra Cross
    Volterra Cross

    A cross and finials atop a building in Volterra, Italy

  • Siena Wall
    Siena Wall

    Curved wall around the plaza in Siena, Italy

  • Volterra Skyline
    Volterra Skyline

    Looking across the rooftops of Volterra to the Tuscan rolling hills beyond.

  • Wall Dragon Silhouette
    Wall Dragon Silhouette

    Iron wall dragon in silhouette.  Volterra, Italy

  • Window With Mop 2
    Window With Mop 2

    Vibrant upstairs window in San Lucignano with a mop drying in the sun.

  • Vernazza Plaza
    Vernazza Plaza

    Plaza buildings in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.  Colorful, quaint fishing...


Fine Art Photography from Texas and around the world by Warren Paul Harris of Dallas, Texas

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  • Texas

    Welcome to the Lone Star State.  Browse our library of Texas, which will give you a unique perspective on this amazing state and the minutiae that makes it unique.

  • Music

    Our Music category features images of musicians and instruments gathered over more than four decades as a Rock and Roll photographer and studio photographer.  Sly Stone, Freelight, John Cipollina and more are featured in this collection.  Instruments include guitars, piano and saxophone, with more to be added.

  • Nature






    Flora and Fauna

    And more.

  • NYC

    New York City, the city that never sleeps.  It is truly an amazing place and if you have never been there, you really have missed out.  The Twin Towers, 9-11, World Trade Centers

  • International

    We have been fortunate to travel a good part of this world, including Europe and Asia.  My catalog of images includes a sampling of the United States as well as Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Budapest, Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Europe is an amazing place, rich in history, architecture and cuisine to enjoy.  Come along with us on some incredible journeys.

    Asia is so vastly different from either Europe or the US, that it is almost like a different planet.  But the people are like you and me.  They have the same needs and desires - and we have found that for the most part, everywhere we go we are welcomed.

    See the full Asia collection here.

    If you see something you like, message me and I will add it to the store.

  • Girls and Cars

    For years I have been working on a book titled The Girls and Cars of Texas.  Needless to say, my library of amazing vehicles (and women) grows on a regular basis.  Enjoy!

  • Selective Color

    Our selective color series are predominantly monochrome prints with only a particular dominant feature showing color.  These are extremely time-consuming creations in most cases.  The time is well spent, in my opinion, as the final product is quite dramatic.

  • Route 66

    Welcome to a Route 66, the Mother Road.  There are more stories and historic sights along what's left of old Route 66 that you can imagine.  It was the very embodiment of 1950s kitsch.  I have traveled sections of it extensively in an effort to capture as much as is possible of what is left. 

  • SignZ of Our TimeZ

    Signs of all kinds from classic to ghost signs to amusing finds are included in this category.  My treatment for these signs is to create a dramatic representation of the sign, rendering it in a retro style, reminiscent of 50s color film.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil and Gas.  Pump jacks, gas wells, gas pumps and signs from our past.

  • BarnZ

    Our BarnZ collection is an eclectic mix of rural barn structures.

    Over the years I have observed an interesting thing about barns.  They are all unique.  They vary in size, shape, number and size of doorways, additions, etc.  The most interesting things can be found in or near various barns.  It is truly amazing the variety of oddities found associated with barns.

    This collection, as I said above, is eclectic.  It contains many "conventional" monochrome or selective color images, but then there are the Other-worldly versions that look like something you might find on another planet or in another dimension.

  • Cityscapes

    Cityscapes and Skylines from around the world

  • Architecture

    Architectural photography

  • Landscapes

    Landscape photography

  • Water Towers

    Water Towers and Standpipes from our extensive travels

  • Windmills

    Windmills of all shapes, sizes and conditions

  • Models


    Great looking women.

  • Monochrome

    Monochrome, sepia and black & white photography

  • Desolate - Abandoned

    Desolate, abandoned structures, places and things

  • Humans of Earth

    People going about their business of just being themselves

  • Doors

    Doors, gates and the like

  • Windows and Shutters

    Windows and shutters from around the world

  • Passageways

    Passageways, hallways and tunnels from around the world

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Showing 1 - 12 of 159 items