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  • San Gimignano Skyline
    San Gimignano Skyline

    San Gimignano Skyline.  More towers that any other city in Italy

  • Siena Passageway 5
    Siena Passageway 5

    Siena Passageway 5.  Looking up through an array of architectural elements.

  • Volterra Cross
    Volterra Cross

    A cross and finials atop a building in Volterra, Italy

  • Siena Wall
    Siena Wall

    Curved wall around the plaza in Siena, Italy

  • Volterra Skyline
    Volterra Skyline

    Looking across the rooftops of Volterra to the Tuscan rolling hills beyond.

  • Wall Dragon Silhouette
    Wall Dragon Silhouette

    Iron wall dragon in silhouette.  Volterra, Italy

  • Window With Mop 2
    Window With Mop 2

    Vibrant upstairs window in San Lucignano with a mop drying in the sun.

  • Vernazza Plaza
    Vernazza Plaza

    Plaza buildings in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.  Colorful, quaint fishing...

Digital Art

Digital Art, photo manipulation and abstracts by Warren Paul Harris.  This category contains our Alien Vistas series, the Vortex collection and our Visceral Vulcan collection in addition to TreZ - our other-worldly look at winter trees.

Digital Art There are 3 products.


  • Vortex Abstracts

    Our Vortex collection of digital abstracts is a continuously growing series of digital abstract prints.  They are all in a square format designed to be hung in a grid.

    Some are square, but most a diagonal diamond shape and therefore designed to be hung in a diamond-shaped grid.

  • Alien Vistas

    Our Alien Vistas series includes the Alien Landscape series and the Alien Cityscape collection.

  • Visceral Vulcans

    The Visceral Vulcan series is unique in that the effect is created entirely in the camera during a single exposure.

  • Abstract Art

    Abstract art, created in a computer.

  • TreZ

    Our TreZ collection is an other-worldly representation of Winter trees.  Winter trees are dramatic because with their leaves gone, the tree structure is unobstructed and we can get a true understanding of it's nature.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items